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"A Rare Talent. This Girl Has What it Takes"

Eric Hooge (Film Director, Blackball Studios)

        rianna McCullough is the authoritative force conquering dynamic duality as seasoned technologist and founder of the lifestyle empowerment brand, Bri Limitless. In her daily mission to diversify the tech industry, the innovation leader and Detroit, Michigan native, resiliently shares her voice and vision for inclusivity across STEM fields, simultaneously serving youth and fellow millennials with mentorship and enthusiastic encouragement to live life without limits. 

With limitless actions, goals and mindset and having mastered multiple skills, Brianna uses her platform to be a changemaker, sharing a full view into her life in an effort to help others attain their goals by way of fearless functionality, unapologetic confidence and unwavering persistence. 


Brianna’s dedicated discipline and knowledge has led her to captivate audiences at Google Developers Fest and Ernst and Young. Her engineering milestones earned her the Minnesota Pioneer Women in Tech award in 2017. Brianna is a graduate of Michigan State University


“Don’t put limits on what you can or cannot do. Be Limitless, Brilimitless.”



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Brianna is a leading force in the Technology and Lifestyle industry. Want her to speak at your next engagement or teach a workshop on some of the newest technology/coding? Please click the button below to fill out the form.


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