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The BIRTH of Bri Limitless

Bri Limitless, has been my baby since February 14, 2018. It’s been my number one priority though some days it didn’t seem like it. The truth is, I have worked harder this year than I have worked my entire life which led me to 8 speaking engagements, a new engineering position and many other personal and private achievements/ obligations. Though this journey for the most part has been gruesome, it has been extremely fruitful and exciting. I'm so proud to say thatI'm exactly who I thought I would be at this age, in this lifetime.

The Story Behind Bri Limitless:

When I first thought about having my own website, I was a fresh college graduate just looking for something to do in my spare time. I had no purpose, no real goals or outcomes, no end point---it was just something to do.

Through the years, my life has morphed TREMENDOUSLY. Some days I am someone I don't even know (in a good way) just because I made the decision to never put limits on what I am capable of. I know that whatever I choose to do in this lifetime, I WILL NOT FAIL so what is the point of limiting myself to ONE thing?

I have been in the STEM field my entire life, but I have worn many hats beyond that. I'm a engineer, a writer, a speaker, a beauty enthusiast (some days), a sweet talker, a friend, a daughter, a sister and an overall powerful woman.

As a an authoritative force conquering dynamic duality as a seasoned technologist, I became the founder of Bri Limitless. In my daily mission to diversify the tech industry I continue my journey by resiliently sharing my voice and vision for inclusivity across STEM fields, simultaneously serving youth and fellow millennials with mentorship and enthusiastic encouragement to live life without limits. On my very focused path of fulfillment through passion, I bring forth years of experience, expertise and graceful transparency to like-minded women through career advocacy, brand support, writing, beauty blogging, motivational series and strategic workshops.

With limitless actions, goals and mindset and having mastered multiple skills, I use my platform to be a changemaker, sharing a full view into my life in an effort to help others attain their goals by way of fearless functionality, unapologetic confidence and unwavering persistence.

My dedicated discipline and knowledge has led me to captivate the stage at Google Developers Fest, Stinson Leonard Law Firm, Ernst and Young ,and many other engagements. My engineering milestones have also led me being awarded the Minnesota Pioneer Women In Tech Award in 2017.

Creating this blog has been HARD. It originally had a launch date of March but with so many different obligations and to be honest a lack of hustle on my behalf, it was pushed back more than too many times.

Even today, I can't say I am 100% ready to launch it but one of the things I've learned throughout this journey is that you're never going to be 100% ready or 100% just have to do it.

I want to thank everyone who was apart of this, my graphic designer, my friends and family, EVERYONE. Without you guys, Bri Limitless still wouldn't be here.

Thank you, and I can't wait to continue sharing the things I have in store.

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