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The Finish Line: Seeing Things Through To The End

The best thing you can do for yourself is to FINISH something, see it all the way through.

Learning how to finish something for me promotes a different level of confidence rather than going through life knowing you only started and never finished anything.

You see it on social media ALL THE TIME. People buy the domain, never build the website. People buy the LLC, never finish the business. People buy the workout equipment and never work out. The list goes on and on...

The magical feeling you get at the beginning of what seems to be a grand idea hardly ever lasts throughout the process. I remember when Bri Limitless first became a thought, I genuinely was excited and ready to get to work. Through the bumps and bruises of creating it, I somehow lost the motivation along the way. I dealt with an extremely shitty designer my first time around (I mean, the most unprofessional you could find), and from there my motivation just kind of died. I was suppose to launch my website in didn't launch until August.

Although I was first disappointed in myself and how long it was taking me to gain the motivation to finish, I then got the motivation from those around me to KEEP GOING (accountability). I wasn't yet at the point where I was ready to make a run for it. I was just starting and I had something great in my hands that the best thing or me to do was to see it through---and so I did and it became something that I am extremely proud of.

I, however would not have been able to do any of this by myself. That brings me to my next couple of points:

Seeing things through to the end requires the following:

1. Accountability- Make sure you have people that care about you and your success on your team. My cousin is my #1 accountability partner. Whenever I say I'm going to do something she will pester me about it everyday to make sure it's been done---she lives in California but she knows me so well that it's easy for her to pick up on my habits (and also know when I'm BS'ing.)

2. Change your Instagram/Twitter Feeds- I have a confession, whenever I am ready to do something new---I follow a bunch of people who are already doing it to be inspired. When I am ready to lose weight (which is everyday) I follow people that are fitness gurus whom I admire. It's so important to keep people around you that inspire/motivate you to be your best self.

Also, be careful because there is a thin line between inspiration and stealing the ideas of others (however you can read the book "Steal Like An Artist, it's pretty good).

3. Set measurable goals: Whenever I want to do something I kind of just do it, I never make goals because it holds me too accountable which is why I hardly ever finish anything. That's the wrong way to do things---you need real goals with measurable outcomes. Set benchmark dates and make sure to have sprint reviews to check in on your goals (my AGILE people know what I mean haha).

4. Know YOUR lane- Before I wanted to just have a "personal blog", I actually wanted to have a beauty blog *lol* this was in early 2016 post-college. I had a lot of free time and I was just experimenting with different things but that wasn't MY lane which is why I lost passion and motivation quick. Knowing your lane will keep you from minding the business of others and wanting to do something because you see someone else successful at it.

My last point....

5. Know the difference between PURPOSE and PASSION- My purpose is hardly ever linked to my passion. Passion is your compelling emotions behind your dreams. Your feelings drive your passion. Purpose is the WHY behind it all. Purpose is the deep reason for your existence and'll keep you going long after your passion has left you.

I hope this was really helpful, its what helps me get through most projects.

I think my next blog will be about the top 10 books I've read this year? What do you think? Leave me feedback. Until next time. -B

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